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Innovative software for TODAY's Anaesthetist

Our anaesthetic software is the best available, using the latest technologies and backed up by incredible support!

Anaesthetic software that makes billing EASY.

An ONLINE anaesthetic software solution to make your billing easy, designed for anaesthetists AND groups, which is not only a pleasure to use, but also saves you valuable time.

Anaesthetic Private Practice offers a variety of anaesthetic software packages to suit ANY need. Whether it is ECLIPSE billing for faster payments, an advanced anaesthetic diary with built in patient data, a hands free billing service, or Income Tracking for your cases – we have the perfect solution.

It’s very affordable from only $49.50 p/mth and will revolutionise your practice.
Sign up TODAY and start organising your practice the way anaesthetists like it.

Logical and Easy to Use!

Whatever your situation, we have a solution for you

Our software successfully fullfills the requirements of entire Anaesthetic groups, individuals who do their own billing, Anaesthetists who just want to track their income and our Virtual Rooms caters for those who prefer to outsource their billing.
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Why choose us?

It’s simple – we provide the most innovative product on the market and back it up with exceptional support you can trust.

Our incredible product and support has resulted in unprecedented growth since our initial launch at the ASA conference in 2010, making us a highly sought after solution for many groups and individual anaesthetists. We recommend you read our testimonials and see for yourself.

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Who says anaesthetic billing software can’t look good?

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