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Taking the hassle out of switching anaesthetic billing software

Change your anaesthetic billing software
#Have you ever considered changing your Anaesthetic Billing Software but cringed at the thought of going through the change-over process? You couldn’t be blamed for imagining that the changeover would need to happen all at once, resulting in unpaid electronic claims, partially paid invoices and more – basically resulting in a big confusing mess! If this has gone through your mind you’re not alone. What’s more, if your new software could save you 2 hours of work each day (via...

Anaesthetic billing strategies to get paid FASTER

Faster anaesthetist payments
The biggest advantage of using the Gap Cover billing system is that you get paid with the minimum of fuss and it’s very rare that you’ll need to chase any payments. After all, the health funds just process each payment without emotional ties and providing that the content of your claim is legitimate and that the patient has the appropriate cover, the money should appear in your account in due course. On the other hand, one of the more tedious methods of billing can involve chasing patients...

Choosing the right cloud software

Anaesthetic cloud software
In our last article we spoke about getting the most from your practice management software and the benefits of using ‘cloud software’ over ‘desktop software’. Yes, you should definitely look at cloud software if you wish to take advantage of all the benefits, but being cloud software doesn’t in itself mean it is of a high quality or that it will be of the most benefit to your business. Choosing the right software to run your practice is crucial, and because of this you need to know what to...

Are you getting the most out of your software?

Getting the most out of your anaesthetic billing software
With modern times comes amazing advancements not only in computer hardware, but also in computer software and the ways in which we use it. Surprisingly, many businesses both small and large are still getting by with their old, out-dated software simply because they don’t want the hassles of changing to a new system. Often this is due to a belief that the change is not worth the effort. Indeed, why change when it’s getting the job done? Because chances are that you’re doing...

We compare browsers to see which one comes out on top

With so many browsers to choose from, how do you know which one you should use? We’ve done thorough testing on various browsers running our software to determine which offers the best performance. Interestingly, we found Internet Explorer to be the slowest (twice as slow as Firefox), with Firefox coming out on top, closely followed by Chrome and then Safari. So, in order of best to worst, these are our recommendations: Mozilla Firefox Chrome Safari Internet Explorer Chrome was just as fast...