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Software Features

all the features you need to make your life easier
Medicare eclipse anaesthetic billing

ECLIPSE online billing

Our software is integrated with Medicare Australia’s electronic billing systems (including ECLIPSE) which means you can send your cases electronically and get paid in days rather than weeks. Includes Medicare, DVA and all participating Health Funds!
No installation anaesthetic billing software

No installation required

Our system is installation free – one of the great advantages of CLOUD software. All you need is a PC or MAC with an internet connection and you’re ready to go.
Mac and PC anaesthetic billing software

Works on both PC & Mac

All aspects of our software work perfectly on both PC and Macintosh computers so either way we've got what you need. Even better, our anaesthetist interface is designed to work on tablets including the iPad so you can enter your information on the go.
Anaesthetist billing software interface

A separate interface just for anaesthetists!

Our system has a separate interface designed just for anaesthetists, allowing them to enter and manage their cases, view reports and send cases instantly to their rooms with the click of a button. It's not only easy, but with no installation they can use it anywhere, at any time!

Video tutorials

Even the easiest software can benefit from some type of manual for reference. Instead of creating a manual, we’ve created a range of fantastic video tutorials which can be viewed when you need them most!
Advanced anaesthetic diary

Advanced anaesthetic diary

Manage your schedules the smart way with our unique online diary, designed exclusively for anaesthetic professionals. We have created the most advanced diary available, with integrated patient information, drag and drop transfer between anaesthetists, 1-click week at a glance and much more...

SMS Integration

Send SMS messages easily from within the rooms interface to anaesthetists and other mobile numbers. Broadcast an SMS directly to your entire group with the click of a button and view your SMS logs at any time.
Anaesthetic billing invoices

Automatic invoice tracking

Our invoices are both attractive and easy to read, so you’ll spend less time explaining bills to patients and more time doing other things. Our automated Invoice Tracking System alerts you if you need to follow up on an unpaid invoice so you don’t need to monitor your payments manually.
Anaesthetic cost savings

Save on postage!

Our system includes built in email facilities for IFC, Invoices and Receipts, saving you time and money. When you consider how many cases consist of an IFC letter followed by an invoice and then a receipt the savings can be HUGE!
Anaesthetic BPay billing

Integrated BPay billing

Our invoices include BPAY payment options with automatic account reconcilliation so you don’t have to do a thing - just sit back and watch the invoices get paid!

Convenient Merchant Facilities

Take credit card payments directly through the software at fantastically low rates. All payments stream directly into each doctor's bank account without any need to reconcile.
Best anaesthetic software support

Fantastic support at your fingertips

We're proud of our fantastic support, just read our client testimonials. Also, our Quick Support Tool allows us to assist you instantly on your own screen, making answering your questions quick and easy.
Fast anaesthetist case input

Rapid case input

We've created an incredibly fast and efficient case input system, allowing you to input your cases in less than a minute when combined with our diary import facility and templates.
Easy anaesthetic informed financial consent

Easy Informed Financial Consent (IFC)

We understand that creating Informed Financial Consent (IFC) letters can take up valuable time, so we’ve created a unique IFC Creation Tool which allows you to do an IFC letter in seconds whilst adhering to the ASA Gold Standard.
anaesthetic billing reports

Reports to make you smile

We have created some fantastic reports which are not only comprehensive, but allow you to select your own periods and other customisable information. Every report can be saved as a PDF or printed directly from the system.
Anaesthetic business activity statements BAS.jpg

Business Activity Statements (BAS) made EASY

Our BAS reports make tax time a breeze! Exportable BAS information for any given year and quarter. Who said tax time had to be painful?
Anaesthetic clinical auditing

Clinical audits at your fingertips

Examine statistical data on your procedures for any given period of time. Use this information to assist in accruing valuable CPD points!
Anaesthetic bad debtor tracking

Automatic bad debtor tracking

Our bad debtor tracking system alerts you immediately if a patient has a previous bad payment history. The system is fully automated with the added ability to add your own custom bad debtors.
Easy anaesthetic prepayment

Easy prepayment tracking system

Our unique prepayment tracking system makes collecting prepayments a breeze! Features include automated monitoring, collection reminders and post operative conversion for receipting.
anaesthetic billing software without contracts

No contracts – pay as you go

We don't lock you into a contract in order to keep you with us. Instead, we rely on our innovative software and fantastic customer support to retain your business. Your account is calculated monthly giving you the freedom to leave any time you like while avoiding expensive annual lump sum payments.
Backup your anaesthetic billing data

Backup your data locally – any time you like!

Our system provides the means to backup your data to your local drive at any time in a format which is usable. This includes diary data, case data, invoice and receipting data, payments data and much more. If you should ever leave us, you can rest assured that your data can go with you.