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We understand that it’s important for you to read what other real people have to say about a product, so we’ve gathered testimonials from some of our many valued clients to show you what makes us different.

If you’re truly looking for fantastic software to change the way you run your Anaesthetic Private Practice, you’ll enjoy reading what others have to say about us!

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Ros Cain

Practice Manager - Narcosia

Our practice has 32 busy Anaesthetists. Our decision to change programs was not taken lightly but it has proved to be the right decision in so many ways.

Our Anaesthetists are more interactive with APP, even those who hesitate with technology are now inputting their own cases and each doctor has their own log-in to the program which gives access to the diary and case management. It’s quick and easy to see the patient lists and associated IFC.

They also have access to their own reports with the report building tool being an amazing and powerful feature.

Our office processes have been streamlined with APP and now entering theatre lists, generating IFC and creating cases is a seamless process. Creating procedure templates happens at the click of the mouse. Our staff are particularly impressed with the SMS feature to the patient that allows return e-mail addresses to automatically drop into the patient details. We can then e-mail out FC, accounts and receipts.

Glen and Maree are always only a call away have been great with support especially in our transition phase. So glad we made the change.

Ros Cain, Practice Manager - Narcosia
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Rosslyn Howard

Practice Manager - Northside Anaesthesia

We are a busy anaesthetic practice in Brisbane with 22 anaesthetists. We have been using Anaesthetic Private Practice for 4 years and have never looked back - the software is fantastic.

Everything in the software is logical and easy to use, so it was quick to learn and the support has been wonderful. If we ever have a question, the program has a built in support tool which allows us to share our screen for instant assistance. The recent addition of tutorial videos is great too - we even managed to learn some things we didn't know were there!

The software has made dramatic improvements to the way we run our practice, with a lot of automation and time saving features. We especially love the diary which allows all our anaesthetists easy access to their coming weeks or months and includes all their theatre lists, consultations and personal appointments. The doctors can also access their diary, submit cases and view income reports via their own logins, which many of them do regularly.

The change in the way we receive and process our cases has resulted in going from a 3 week backlog with our old software to being up to date every day - it's been a great improvement!

The invoices, receipts and IFC letters are clean and easy to read which means our patients are happier and our accounts are paid faster. Our bad debtors alone have reduced by a huge amount, thanks to the automated discounting features and shorter invoice periods than we were accustomed to under the old system.

The ability to log in from home is a great advantage so I no longer need to race into the office early in the morning to find a replacement for an anaesthetist who is unavailable, and our staff can even work from home if they have a cold or their car breaks down.

I would definately recommend Anaesthetic Private Practice to anyone who has outgrown their current software or is interested in improving the way they run their practice!

Rosslyn Howard, Practice Manager - Northside Anaesthesia

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M Allen

Anaesthetist - Melbourne

I have been very impressed by Anaesthetic Private Practice - it is a fantastic product and backed by excellent customer service.

My computer skills are basic but the software truly is user friendly and intuitive. Glen took the time to show me in detail the features I will use regularly and is fast to respond to any additional queries I have.

The price is very reasonable especially compared to outsourcing to a billing service or paying a group fee. The convenience of being able to enter my case details in a few minutes at the end of the day and submit electronically for payment often only days later just makes my life easier.

Overall, I am very happy with the service I have received and have recommended this product to many colleagues who are still collecting stickers and scraps of paper!

M Allen (Melbourne), Practice Billing Package (Individual)

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Arlene Byrne

Practice Manager - River City Anaesthesia

I have used a number of medical software programmes over the past few years and Anaesthetic Private Practice (APP) would have to be the one that I have enjoyed using the most. This programme is so easy to use and intuitive.

One of the things I found frustrating with other programmes was the lack of support. With APP the support and guidance is second to none. Glen is fantastic to speak with on the phone and very quick to respond to any queries. Any issues are always resolved with a minimum of fuss in a timely manner.

I appreciate the fact that I can log in, at home, over the weekend or in the evenings to check the availability of anaesthetists should cover be required at the last minute.

The anaesthetists appreciate the fact that they can receive emails of their day/week/month diaries from the office. Billing for them is a lot easier and can be done when they have quiet times. It saves all the faxes and emails of lists coming through for us to bill, and it reduces the risk of those billings going missing.

One of the best features would have to be sending off claims using Eclipse. I can’t believe how quick and pain free it is to do our billing this way.

Another excellent feature is the reports that can be generated. Doing the banking with large numbers of cheques is so much easier with pre printed banking slips. Preparing BAS figures is now very simple and the anaesthetists can check their income with ease.

For anybody contemplating changing their billing software I would thoroughly recommend APP to you. You won’t be disappointed.

Arlene Byrne, Practice Manager - River City Anaesthesia

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Adam Howarth

Anaesthetist - Brisbane

For me Anaesthetic Private Practice is a huge leap forward in the relationship between myself and my rooms. We are both able to access my diary and case management seamlessly to provide up to date information about lists, appointments and bills.

The diary is the centre piece of the system which is presented in an easy to read colour coded monthly format. From this I can easily see upcoming lists and non-clinical events. The patient icons allow me to see if patients are already entered into the system for specific lists and by clicking on these I can see the list and print it out if I wish. It is easy to see what the patient has been quoted and even if IFC has been returned.

The Case Management section is easy to use and takes less than a minute to complete if patient details have already been entered by the rooms as occurs on almost all elective cases. Bills can be individualised to unit rate and discounted amounts if desired. Most importantly once a case is sent to the room billing occurs often the next day and for me this has significantly improved timely payment of accounts.

The reports sections is great for checking on monthly income over time and of course those usually painful BAS returns, which for APP are created in the click of a mouse. At the end of the day for me it is about quality of life, and I can definitely say that has improved since I started using the system. The old billing system we used was like over-the-counter banking. Once you use internet banking you wonder how you ever coped with the old system.

Adam Howarth (Brisbane), - Practice Billing Package (group member)

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Janette Wright

Anaesthetist - Melbourne

I have been using Anaesthetic Private Practice for my billing since I started as a consultant 18 months ago and have found it easy to use and especially love the income reporting feature. I now use the Calender feature in my group practice which has improved the efficiency of inputing patient data for both the secretaries and myself. Glen has always provided fantastic technical support and is constantly improving the site.

Janette Wright (Melbourne), - Essentials Package + Diary

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P Laskey

Anaesthetist - Brisbane

As a reactionary technophobe who avoids change I was slightly reluctant to change our anaesthetic practice software provider. Luckily I have personally found Anaesthetic Private Practice surprisingly painless and the additional features which weren't present in our previous software have made life simpler. Our secretaries are most enthusiastic about it’s features, ease of use and Glen’s support and responsiveness. Highly recommended.

P Laskey (Brisbane), Package: Practice Billing - Group Member

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P Rogers

Anaesthetist - Tasmania

As a GP Anaesthetist working solo, Anaesthetic Private Practice has made billing amazingly simple and cost effective. The support is fantastic! I cannot recommend APP more highly.

P Rogers (Tasmania), Package: Virtual Rooms

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J Heng

Anaesthetist - South Australia

Very happy with service. Convenient hassle-free and low cost billing.

J Heng (South Australia), Package: Virtual Rooms

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David R

Anaesthetist - ACT

System is easy to navigate and data entry is very quick, customer support is great and queries about the system are answered promptly. I'm happy with the system.

David R (ACT), Package: Practice Billing - Individual

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R Miskeljin

Anaesthetist - Brisbane

If you like the internet you are going to like Anaesthetic Private Practice. It is a simple, user friendly complete management program for running your private service. From diary bookings, to list information, through to billings and reconciliation, it has it all. There are many outstanding features that make this product great.

The single most important feature for me is that it is web based and I can log on from anywhere. At home or work, desktop or laptop, smartphone or tablet, PC or Mac, I can use them all. Not being trapped to one computer means I can do my job where and when I want to. Being web based, it is easy to improve and new features are continually being added.

Completing a case is very fast and being able to tailor your billing in real time is convenient. Turnaround time for most bills is under a week.

Finally, the service I have received from Glen has been outstanding. Support has been almost instant with all of my enquiries answered usually within an hour. I expected to receive a reply the next day but to receive support after hours is very refreshing. I am not aware of too many products that offer this level of support.

R Miskeljin (Brisbane), Package: Practice Billing - Group Member

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M Ramsay

Anaesthetist - Queensland

I am very satisfied with your service now I have learnt how to use it. It is quick and, once learnt simple to use. Even better my wife likes it and now does all the follow up!

M Ramsay (QLD), Package: Practice Billing - Individual

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K Khor

Anaesthetist - NSW

Your program has simplified my billings enormously, saved me time and suffering and represented good value. As always, you always respond to any queries very quickly and professionally.

K Khor (NSW), Package: Practice Billing - Individual

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Daniel D

Anaesthetist - Brisbane

APP really is the complete package - I can access my diary, patient lists and do my billing from anywhere. The most impressive feature however is the level of support - any query is promptly answered.

Daniel D (Brisbane), Package: Practice Billing - Group Member

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M Soo

Anaesthetist - Queensland

I have been using APP now for four months. I have found that it has met and exceeded all my expectations.

On the previous software that i was using, I would have anywhere up to 60k in outstanding invoices at any time. Now it is around the 10K mark. My mortgage has benefited greatly by having the money in my offset account as opposed to the healthfunds!

I agree with all the other compliments that have been expressed by others and would strongly recommend APP.

M Soo (QLD), Package: Practice Billing - Group Member

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D Fahlbusch

Anaesthetist - Queensland

I am impressed by the constant evolution of features and usability with APP, and the speed with which suggestions and requests are actioned.

D Fahlbusch (QLD), Package: Virtual Rooms

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William Browne

Anaesthetist - VIC

As a new APP customer I have been extremely impressed by the ease of use of the system and the quality of the customer support. The interface is very intuitive and takes only a short time to become familiar. APP provides a very effective solution at a very affordable price. I highly recommend APP.

William Browne (VIC), Package: Practice Billing - Individual