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Innovative software for TODAY's Anaesthetist

Design advantages

Important characteristics which give us an edge
Superior software design

Superior design

Our software has been designed exclusively for anaesthetists and has been meticulously created from the ground up to provide a logical, easy to use anaesthetic billing solution for Australian anaesthetists. We use the latest technologies to provide a system you can use on any PC or MAC without needing to install any software – meaning you’re up and running in no time. An additional advantage is that you can log in from anywhere – home, the office and even from your hotel when you’re on vacation!

Read on for more information on our fantastic software, including our security features and core features.

Streamlined for maximum productivity

Our software is very unique, featuring streamlined solutions for every aspect of anaesthetic billing, allowing you do more in less time.
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Multiple packages

We have gone well beyond the standard ‘software’ systems available elsewhere, providing separate solutions to cater for any anaesthetist’s situation, including:

  • Virtual Rooms for anaesthetists who want their billing done for them
  • DIY billing for anaesthetists who want to do it themselves
  • Income tracking for anaesthetists who are in a group which uses other software for their billing, and
  • a complete practice management system for groups of any size.

Pricing and Packages

Leading experts

All development has been done in Australia and our lead developer is an expert in top level enterprise systems, having extensive experience with many development languages and the latest technologies.

Core systems

All data is stored using Microsoft SQL Server (the worlds leading database system) and hosted in a secure Australian facility featuring biometric security, high availability, extensive backups and high level data encryption. Because of this, you don’t require some of the expensive overheads required by other billing systems such as servers and backup systems.

Secure Data Centre
Our server is with a LEADING Australian data centre

We've been careful to select one of Australia's leading data centres to provide our hardware infrastructure. Located in Sydney Australia, our application and data are secured with some of the best systems available today.

Data Centre Infomation
Our provider has implemented the following security measures that require multiple levels of authentication and authorisation:
  • Onsite security guard patrols the site 24/7
  • The facility is monitored by CCTV Surveillance system
  • Key access areas are controlled by biometric hand scanners and/or secure access cards
  • Visitors are required to check in first with the security guard. Valid Identification is required
  • All activities on premises are logged
UPS Power
The Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is built on a multi-level N+1 configuration to achieve 99.999% uptime. Power is supplied by a power distribution unit (PDU) - each PDU is connected to two UPS plants.

You know you're in safe hands with us

Fire suppression & detection
Our provider's data centres are designed with multiple levels of fire detection and fire suppression systems. The Sydney SY3 IBX has the following fire suppression systems:
  • VESDA - very early smoke detection/warning system monitored by the Equinix BMS system
  • Zoned (double-interlock) pre-action water sprinkler system
  • Smoke detectors above and below raised floors
  • Hand-held fire extinguishers